Welcome to Elm Training Services (UK) Limited

ELM Training Services (UK) Limited (ELM Training.co.uk) (Company Number 7803417) was formed by Christopher Madeley in 1998, a health and safety professional with over 25 years experience gained in a wide range of industries such as the Royal Navy, Manufacturing, Leisure services, Construction and Voluntary sector.

ELM Training Services (UK) Limited is a recognised training company . This means that we have gone through the rigorous approval process of having the government (health and safety) audit our teaching and thorough review of our course material.

We are renowned for our friendly, helpful, adaptable, cost-effective and practical training services, ensuring our clients receive up-to-date information and relevant training.

Our team of tutors/trainers and assessors are professionals with a diverse expertise base, including leisure services, health professionals and health and safety professionals. The company has gained a number of clients from a variety of industries including health care, manufacturing, construction, catering, sure start, schools, colleges, universities and sports, both private and public companies.